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It’s been a minute…

Or more accurately, it’s been 2 and half years since I’ve posted a blog update. Actually, I haven’t done a whole lot to my website since graduating college (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?). I’ve had a mental block about posting or updating because I’m a self-proclaimed ‘perfectionist’ and if I can’t do it right the first time, in one sitting, I won’t do it. (How’s that working out for you?) But I digress. SO MUCH has happened since May 2017. Here’s the cliff notes version, sort of: I got married in October of 2017 (this is Ashton – she’s pretty much the best). Spring 2018 was a whirlwind of events, including Ashton graduating from Wichita State… Going on a cruise for our honeymoon… Finding our new home in Dallas, TX… And leaving our hometown of Wichita, KS. All of this paled in comparison to finding out we[…]

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Odisea Album Cover

New Album and Graduation!

Let me start by saying that 2017 has been really good to me so far. There has been a lot that has happened these past months and I’ll be sure to post about it later (JEN Conference 2017 highlights, writing/recording process, etc) but for now, I want to focus on the present – The debut album with Odisea is complete! This album features trumpeter Jose Estrada (Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, Lewelheads) and drummer Andrew Slater (Daydream, WSO). These guys consistently bring their A-Game to the table and I am so grateful to work with them and call them friends. We are so excited to have released this body of work. You can download/stream the album at http://www.michaeljengdahl.bandcamp.com Our release show is TOMORROW May 11 at Barleycorn’s in Wichita, KS. Starts at 7p with Crisis Casanova opening. No cover, 21+ Click here for more information —> Odisea Release Show Event Page In the midst of[…]

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Let me get something off my chest that’s been bothering me for awhile – (At least, this is how I’ve felt recently.) This isn’t a new concept by any means, most of us (whether we admit it or not) are going through life essentially ‘faking it’ till me make it. I bring this point up because I’ve felt the fraud police coming out in full force as of late which has caused me to really doubt myself. I should feel secure in what I’m doing; after all I’m entrusted with educating others, have support from a wonderful company and am fortunate to gig regularly. But therein lies the problem; I should be better. Aren’t you being a little hard on yourself? You’re fine. You’re doing great. Blah Blah Blah. If we’re being honest, I haven’t held myself accountable. At least, not to the standards that I should be. My reading[…]

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Summer Updates

It’s been a busy couple of months! 2016 has been very good to me so far. Some of the information might be old news, but for those of you just joining, welcome! In March, I received a Sponsorship from Stringjoy Strings, a custom string company based in Nashville, TN. They specialize in custom sets for guitar (6 string and extended range), bass, and acoustic. They also offer custom cables and guitar picks. I’m honored to be on their Artist Roster. I highly recommend giving them a try! For for information visit www.stringjoy.com   My friend and long-time bassist Riley Day assembled an All-Star group of players to create Daydream, a 9-piece jazz ensemble performing all original material with influences from just about every genre you can think of. We affectionately refer to it as Jazz-Step(when you hear it, you’l know why). We recently recorded a 5 track EP featuring four original compositions by[…]

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New York’s Finest in the Midwest

Take care of the music and the rest will take care of itself. This past week I attended a masterclass held at the University of Kansas with flugelhornist John Raymond and his group Real Feels featuring guitarist Gilad Hekselman and drummer Colin Stranahan. The group is in the middle of the second leg of their tour promoting their new album. This tour has taken them all over the country giving multiple performances and masterclasses. In the last couple years, I’ve become familiar with Gilad and Colin’s work, not only as leaders, but as in-demand sidemen in New York City. Through them I was introduced to John Raymond which led me to discover his large body of work, the tour, and this masterclass. Needless to say, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a road trip (KU is roughly 2 and half hours north of Wichita) and to see these players[…]

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Time: Make It.

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.” – Lao-Tzu Life is nothing short of a balancing act. We are in a constant struggle of doing things now or putting them off until later, wondering if later ever comes. “I’ll get to that tomorrow,” or “It can wait” are unfortunately a daily part of our routine and mindset. Why should it be? We all have the same amount of hours in the day. Will you make the time for what needs to happen or wait until the time ‘magically’ comes back to you? Time management is a skill all within itself. For me, it has always been a huge struggle. As a musician, how are we supposed to balance a regular practice schedule on top of performance demands, teaching, and have a social life on top of that!? As we[…]

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We are live!

Welcome to the new Michael J. Engdahl website, now live on the internet! The latest news, photos, music and videos can be found right here.

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