Michael Engdahl

Daydream @ Roxy’s Downtown

Daydream is making its project’s debut as a large jazz combo whose influences include funk, bop, hard rock, and dubstep (yes, dubstep). Members of the band consists of:

Tyler Gauldin-sax
Luke Young-sax
Brandon Pauley-trumpet
Dalton Williams-trumpet
Zach Rich-trombone

Rhythm Section
Mike Engdahl-guitar
Kendall Wohaska-guitar
Ben Karnes-keys
Scott Taylor-drumset
Andy Slater-percussion
Riley Day-bass

The music is completely original and through-composed instrumental works.

Also performing is Wichita’s very own Things That Go ZOT! a prestigious jazz ensemble featuring warm vocals and addictive harmonic/melodic passages. Hope to see you there!

$10 for adults, $5 for students

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