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It’s been a minute…

Or more accurately, it’s been 2 and half years since I’ve posted a blog update. Actually, I haven’t done a whole lot to my website since graduating college (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?).

I’ve had a mental block about posting or updating because I’m a self-proclaimed ‘perfectionist’ and if I can’t do it right the first time, in one sitting, I won’t do it.

(How’s that working out for you?)

But I digress. SO MUCH has happened since May 2017.

Here’s the cliff notes version, sort of:

I got married in October of 2017 (this is Ashton – she’s pretty much the best).

Spring 2018 was a whirlwind of events, including Ashton graduating from Wichita State…

Going on a cruise for our honeymoon…

Finding our new home in Dallas, TX…

And leaving our hometown of Wichita, KS.

All of this paled in comparison to finding out we were going to become parents!

(I could go deeper into what that time looked like. and maybe I will at a later point, but for now let’s say the 2018 was INSANE, but we were so excited about all the new change happening in our lives).

Fast forward to November 30, 2018 – we welcomed our son, Jameson Wallace, into the world 😍😭☺️

Our son captured our hearts as soon as we laid eyes on him. He was perfect in every way. I was teaching at School of Rock at the time and was grateful that I got to take the entire month of December off so I could be home with Ashton and Jameson and we could begin to navigate parenthood together.

We quickly realized that being alone in a new state away from family and friends while trying to raise a child was extremely difficult (they weren’t kidding when they said ‘it takes a village’). We didn’t regret our move to Texas (we needed a fresh start and new perspective) but we had to accept the fact that it would be unnecessarily difficult if we stayed.

*I believe going through these changes and difficulties were for the best – we learned so much in that year and grew closer and stronger together. Besides, it made what came next so much better…

Ashton got a job offer at the Mental Health Association in Tulsa, OK and we packed up and moved the family in May 2018. Her brother and his family live here so it made for the perfect place to relocate.

The stars aligned and we were able to break our lease and leave Texas early so Ashton could start her job in time. We found a nice townhome just 5 minutes away from her brother and centrally located in Tulsa. Our little family finally found our home.

*I have to thank my Texas friends for their support, understanding, and getting me into the music scene in Dallas –

Vibraphonist Patrick Overturf (somehow we don’t have a picture together?) for introducing me to the Balcony Club (specifically the Wednesday Night Jam Session) and getting me my first gig on Texas soil. Miss you man.

Drummer extraordinaire Bobby Falk for hiring me to play in his quartet and introducing me to some wonderful players and people. (Go check out The Free Man next time you’re in Dallas – you won’t be disappointed).

And last but not least, Eddie and the crew at School of Rock in Rockwall, TX. Thank you for being a great friend and fabulous person to work beside. You and the kids gave me a whole new outlook on music, teaching and life that I won’t soon forget.

Fast forward 6 months and we are settled in to Tulsa and happily call this place home. Ashton is working full-time at Family and Children Services as a case manager and I get to stay home with our son and freelance around the area. The music community here has welcomed me with open arms and I’ve gotten to play and meet so many talented people.

*I’ll go in depth at a later time on how that all worked out a.k.a. “How do I get involved in the scene?”

Our son turns 1 at the end of the week. I’m floored by how much has changed in a year. I’m very optimistic about 2020.

Debuted at Duet Jazz Club on October 30.

Jameson Wallace, in all his adorable glory.

Accurate representation of our day to day.

*also, I haven’t cut my hair since J was born. So there’s that.

If you’ve made it this far, I thank you for sticking with me and I hope you’ve enjoyed my long overdue update! I’m looking forward to making lots of music in 2020.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and be on the lookout for more updates!

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