Michael Engdahl


‘Odisea is not your typical ‘jazz’ trio – the group is steeped in the musical tradition, but incorporates contemporary influences to the fullest extent to continue to push the music forward.

The groups lineup is unique in it’s own right; Trumpeter Josue Estrada runs a full pedal rig with his horn, creating lush soundscapes, both beautiful and chaotic, capturing the essence of each tune. Guitarist Michael Engdahl steps up to the plate covering both roles as guitarist and bassist, running a unique rig that can fill up the room or leave an incredible amount of space; room to breathe and truly build upon itself. Andrew Slater is a jack of all trades behind the kit and a master of just about anything you throw at him. The group plays with classic standards by turning them inside out giving the audience a new found appreciation for the genre. More importantly, the original compositions are where the group truly shines. A cross between The Bad Plus and post-rock, melody is king. There recent release “Live at Barleycorn’s” is an honest representation of how the group has developed and gives insight to where they are going next.’

Download/Stream our debut album at http://www.michaeljengdahl.bandcamp.com

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Live at Barleycorn’s Review – MCPW



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